Benefits of Solar Fencing

All crops including plantations can be saved from any species of animal. A wide range of solar fence designs to control animals from pigs to elephants have been developed. The benefits are many:

  •  Fence Level monitor –Designed energy levels on the fence effectively deters the animal.
  •  Round the clock vigilance- The Sri Sanjana Solar Fence works throughout the day on a  24/7 basis without a break.
  •  Environment friendly - Omega Solar System for crop damage control work on solar energy .The Systems are totally eco-friendly reducing man-animal conflicts, protecting not only crops but also wild life species.
  •  Quality System - Effective design, use of high quality components and proper installation ensure long life of parts and the fence. 
  • Fence maintenance - Omega Solar system consumes very little power and do not  require continuous maintenance. The only requirement is to keep the fencing clear of vegetation.
  • Our service motor - Our network provides prompt service and support. We also undertake annual operational Maintenance contracts through our authorized dealers for regular upkeep of the Solar Power Fence.