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About Us
Sri Sanjana Solar system works on the principle of deterring any animals coming in contact with fence with a short, sharp but safe shock. Even if one animal in the herd gets a shock, the others avoid contact with solar fence.

How the Sri Sanjana Solar Fence Deter the animals? The energizer that powers the fence emits a high voltage pulse every 1.2 seconds, any animal which comes in contact with the fence while trying to enter the field receives a painful but safe shock. Sri Sanjana Solar Fence is not only a physical barrier but also a psychological barrier preventing animal intrusion.

Sri Sanjana Solar Fence has complete solutions for crop raiding irrespective of the solution. Our fences are custom built depending on the intruding animal, the terrain, sail conditions and the length of the fence. Our design for each species or a  combination of species has been evolved over years of experience in the field and understanding of animal behavior. Sri Sanjana Solar supplies, installs and services systems in its entirety including energizers, spares, wires, insulators, fences posts, tools and accessories. All components are fully tested and meet national and international standards.

Solar Fence Safety

The energizers are designed with operate with batteries that are charged by a solar panel. The fence wires do not carry live current, which is capable of causing permanent damage to the intruder. The electric fence has only pulsating direct current flowing in the fence grid and even under extra ordinary circumstances or in the unlikely event of system failure. Live current will not pass through the power fence line.

Application Areas

Sri Sanjana Solar Fencing is used to effectively control crop damage from animals and vandalism & theft in tea and coffee estates and our fence system has been successfully employed by the forest departments and wildlife research organization in mitigating man-animal conflicts.

Village communities near forested areas and national parks are extensively using Energy Solar Fence to save their crops from elephants, pigs, cattle and other herbivores.

Satisfied Customers

Our satisfied customers strongly believe in the efficiency of our Sri Sanjana Fence. The results are impressive.

    * Substantially reduces crop damage
    * Environment friendly
    * Uses solar energy and therefore non dependent on grid power
    * Significantly reduces man-animal conflicts
    * Effective wildlife management tool for use by park managers
    * Cost effective and return on investment starts from day one.
    * Works 24/7

A partial list includes several marginal and poor farmers, forest departments agriculture universities, wildlife Institute of India, animal husbandry, seed production units, nursery owners, plantations, research institutes, corporate farming units, non-conventional energy resource agencies, horticulture units, elephant camps and deer parks to name a few.